• Home Automation Systems

  • At D&B Electrical, we know that home automation will reduce your energy consumption.   It will do that by automatically: turning off your lights, setting back your thermostats, closing your window coverings, closing your roller shutters and closing your overhead garage doors.   It has many ways of doing that depending on the system you will choose.   Home automation can protect you by automatically: locking your exterior doors, tuning on your exterior lights at sunset, closing your window coverings and roller shutters at sunset, lighting pathways in the dark and turning on your porch lights when your doorbell is pressed after sunset.   It can do that when your home, at work or on vacation.   It can be controlled from a computer, laptop and even your smart phone.

    Imagine the convenience of pressing a “Sleep” button to turn off all your lights, set back your thermostats, close your window coverings and roller shutters, lock your exterior doors, close your overhead garage doors and arm your security system.