• Electrical panel & Breakers

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

    Is your house keeping up with the times? With the average lifespan of a home now greater than 35 years and technology’s rapid rate of progression, the answer is likely no. Today’s gadgets and appliances can easily overload electrical systems in many of today’s older homes, causing issues that could easily be prevented with an electrical panel in order.

    What is an electrical panel?
    The electrical power from your utility company flows into your home through your electrical panel. Then your electrical panel will split your electricity to the much-loved and well-used gadgets and appliances throughout your home through safety devices called breakers. It is into those breakers that all your receptacles, stove, micro-wave and more will connect. Those breakers are designed to cut off the power in case of an over-current, some breakers will also cut off in case of an electrical arc and some will cut off when there is a difference between what comes in and what comes out of your branch. Without those cut off when a problem occurs, the wires in the walls would simply overheat, melt and cause a fire. A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety of your family and your home.

    What are the risks of a bad electrical panel?

    One of a risk is fire. In case of fire, one of the first thing insurance do is examine your electrical panel for irregularities. We inspect electrical panels and will advise you in case of an anomaly. Also, we upgrade and/or repairs electrical panels. We can replace faulty breakers of all kinds. We can add breakers. Other risks can be electrical explosion or electrocution.   We can put in order your panel so everything is safe and sound.